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His name has become notorious, his past actions either venerated or vilified, and his legacy frequently referenced - often without much context.From the time he burst onto the British football scene with goals and gusto at Norwich City in the late 1970s, right up to his suicide in an East End garage in 1998, Fashanu was a man who was talked about.Were there hopes and fears from those you interviewed on camera about what the documentary would achieve?It's about being sensitive but also wanting to get to the truth.

That's the kind of stuff that we enjoy watching and enjoy making.

Meanwhile, after also leaving Norwich, John forged a more stable career which included the Dons' Wembley cup success, England recognition and then after retirement, primetime TV. Woven with archive footage, vignettes of dramatised reconstructions, and new interviews from friends and family - including John - is a compelling study of a complex sporting icon.

The film is also a welcome unwrapping of the Justin mythology, presented with moments of mirth as well as melancholy, and accessible to football fans familiar or unfamiliar with the Fashanu history.

The way that we work, Adam's a very gifted interviewer - we're both very interested in psychology and human behaviour.

When we do the interviews, there's a lot of preparation that goes into that and they're very extensive.

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A year later, aged 20, he was sold to Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest for £1m - the first black player, and first under 21, to carry that price tag.

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